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W.E. Bozeman

Sheriff’s Department

The Mitchell County Sheriff’s department is here to serve our community and the citizens in it. We are dedicated to our community to provide a safe and secure living environment. We will meet the mandates prescribed by law and continue to offer the most effective public safety service.

Department Services

  • Countywide Law Enforcement
  • Civil and Warrant Service
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Drug Investigations
  • C.H.A.M.P.S Instruction to 5th graders
  • Courtroom Security

Department Contact Numbers

  • Administration-229-336-2032
  • Jail/Dispatch-229-336-2030
  • Investigations-229-336-2033
  • Coroner-229-336-2030
  • Warrants/Civil- 229-336-2033

Department Location

4815 Highway 37 East, Camilla, GA 31730