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Hope Crosby

(229) 336-2027


The mission of the Mitchell County E-911 Center is to contribute to the safety and quality of life of our community by linking our citizens and visitors to our public safety agencies with efficient, reliable, responsive, and professional public safety communications services. We take pride in dedicating ourselves to professionalism and public service, understanding that we are often the first representatives of local government to interact with citizens and visitors in need. We are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of services we provide to the community and facilitate the development of highly trained, proficient and dedicated personnel.

Information to Know About E-911

  • We are an emergency communications center.
  • Please do not call the 911 Center with questions or reports about individual utility services unless an emergency exists.
  • Do not let children play with cell phones. We receive numerous calls a year from children playing with a cell phone. These calls disrupt true emergency calls that are trying to call for assistance.
  • When calling 911 from a landline phone, your location will display on a map screen. Cellular phones do not always show the locations of the caller on the map screen, so please be aware that the 911 Telecommunicator may ask for your current location.
  • When traveling, stay abreast of your location in the event that you need to report an emergency. Road mile marker signs, road name signs, towns, and your direction of travel are important pieces of information that assist 911 Telecommunicators in locating you.

Our Primary Responsibilities

  • Serves as the primary emergency communications link between citizens and public safety agencies.
  • Accurately identifies citizen’s location and dispatches the appropriate public safety agency(s).
  • Disseminates emergency alerts to all public safety agencies.
  • Provides communications, support, and coordination for all public safety agencies.
    *Hurricane Ready Guides are available to the public at the office.

Department Location

4767 GA Hwy 37, P.O. Box 187, Camilla, GA 31730