Board of Elections and Registration

Brandy Aycock, Election Supervisor
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PO Box 1009
Camilla, GA 31730
Phone: 229-336-2018
Fax: 229-336-4928

Terry Ross, Election Assistant
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Office Hours

Board Members
• Cecile Brown
• Gustine Hayward
• Linda Howard
• Valerie Neal
•Janie Edwards

Second Tuesday of each month at 1:00PM

Secretary of State
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The Board of Elections and Registration has a full time Supervisor and Election Assistant to assist the citizens of Mitchell County.

• Register citizens to vote
• Maintain voting registration records
• Mail out absentee ballots
• Conduct all County, State, and Federal elections
• Serves as support for municipalities located in Mitchell County
• Appoint and train poll workers for all county elections
• Logic and Accuracy testing on all equipment used during a county election
• Advance voting procedures for county elections
• Upload county election results to the Secretary of State office
• Build ballots for a county election
• Serves as Filing Officer for candidates
• Maintains voting districts