OkinusIn Mitchell County, we are able to run a business much more cost effectively than we would in a big city, like Atlanta.  It is much less expensive  to buy real estate and remodel.  Because the cost of living is so much less here, we are able to hire quality employees at a reasonable rate.  We have enjoyed taking advantage of the Georgia Job Tax Credit.  The local authorities are so supportive and willing to help us any way they can. Greg Allen, Okinus


It’s great to be in a community with a high volume of interested applicants.  The area’s workforce has made it easy for us to grow our business in Mitchell County. Clay Banks, Keystone Foods


PlaygroundMy husband and I were both raised here in Camilla.  We went off to college and discussed where we would settle down and raise our family.  For us, there was no other place than Mitchell County.  I love the sense of community.  Mitchell County is full of warm-hearted hospitality, loyal friendships and deep sympathy when needed.  For us there is no other place we would rather be…Mitchell County is HOME.  Ginna Waters, local resident


I moved to Mitchell County because of the location and the community. This is a great place to get away from the stress and crime of an urban area. We have a lot of community involvement and volunteers that come together for local events and opportunities. This is a beautiful region of the county with rolling hills and great outdoor spaces. We offer great hunting and fishing as well as great areas to just relax and take in the natural beauty. I choose to live in Mitchell County for the way of life that is experienced in a beautiful area with good honest community minded people. James Eubanks, local resident


The Development Authority assisted us on finding the right avenue to aid in our startup cost. They have also continued to follow up with us to ensure Max Manufacturing is a success. Tim Maxwell, local business owner


To say that we're excited about being in Mitchell County, in being in the heart of South Georgia ag, and to have this fine group representing us is an understatement. Dusty Patterson, AIMTrac