Quick Fact:

CM Stripling


Stripling Irrigation Research Park, an affiliate of the University of Georgia, is a state of the art irrigation research center and it is located in Mitchell County.



Mitchell County has many opportunities to offer you, whether it is starting a new business, or relocating a business; we are a community poised for growth. Location is a key factor in our community’s growth offering immediate access to markets all over the world.

We are the ideal location if you are looking to relocate your family as well. Our community may not be the biggest, but it is big enough to take care of you and your family. Easy access to interstates and major highways makes it very assessable to you when you are planning a trip to the beach, mountains, or just a visit to a neighboring community.

Transportation Options

-Interstate I-75 to the east, and I-10 to the south. There is a direct four-lane highway access to I-75 via U.S. Highway 19 (Georgia-Florida Parkway), running north and south.

Major Highways-Major highways include Georgia Highway 19 (GA-FL Parkway/Hwy 300) running north and south, Highways 37, 97, and 112 running east and west.

Railroad-Rail service to Mitchell County is provided by Georgia and Florida Railway, and it runs all the way through the county.

Air Service-Major air carrier service is available in Albany, Georgia at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport. The Camilla-Mitchell County Airport provides general aviation capabilities for most business aircraft with a 5,000’ paved, lighted runway, NDB, VASI landing system, aircraft tie-down, air frame and power plant repair, hangers. Jet fuel is available.