Public Works

Mitchell County Public Works
Joseph Ross, Road Superintendent
4798 Highway 37 East
Camilla, GA 31730
229-336-2048 office
229-336-2080 fax

After Hour Emergencies: Tree or limbs in the road (229-336-2045)
Road hazard or road emergency (911)

We now have an Utility Encroachment Permit for any work needing to be done on the county ROW.  This includes, cables, gas lines, timber work, etc.

This permit must be completed.  To Download Form, click here.

Please contact our department for further details. 

Department Services Provided:
• Road repair and maintenance:
• Grading mowing, patching of paved surfaces
• Driveway installations and repairs
• Roadway drainage
• Roadway and ditch debris removal
• Roadside tree trimming
• Building new or existing roadbeds in preparation for paving
• Repair/ Install bridges
• Repair/ Install box culverts
• Install and maintain signs on every county road according to GA DOT specs.
• All other aspects necessary to keep the roads and bridges of this county safe

VERY IMPORTANT: Mitchell County Public Works places road signs, barricades, cones, barrels and lighted barrels or barricades for safety and emergency purposes. We encourage all citizens to protect their expensive investment in these particular items by discouraging those that may destroy or remove signs.

Below is a price list for the signs that your tax dollars pay for. This does not include the labor and equipment cost for installation.
• Stop signs: $39.00
• Special signs: $58 – $150
• Road name plate signs: $27.00
• Various other signs: $25 – $60
• Hardware for placing signs: $10.50 each sign
• Sign posts: $25.00 each
• Cones: $35.00 each
• Barrels: $120.00 each
• Lights: $35.00 each
• Barricades: $250.00 each

If you witness sign removal or vandalism please call 911 and report the crime. Please include the location and as much information about the criminals as possible.

Service Requests:
If you have a service request please email our department with the following information:

Department Staff
Joseph Ross, Road Superintendent
Alfred Allen, Assistant Road Superintendent
John Brooks, Operations Supervisor
Alisa Kostas, Office Administrator

Office Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.