Expand Your Business

Are you looking to expand your business? If so, Mitchell County is the place for you. We offer low cost utilities, tax incentives, an existing infrastructure, and a skilled workforce (around 130,000 within 30 miles.) Mitchell County is an affordable place to live, raise a family, and to operate a business.

Did you know…

Mitchell County is a tier 1 community, which means businesses get to take advantage of higher tax credits.

Certified Work Ready

Mitchell County is a “Certified Work Ready Community”.

Georgia Entrepreneur Friendly

Mitchell County is an “Entrepreneur Friendly Community”

Mitchell County has an economic development department, the Mitchell County Development Authority, which is equipped with the proper resources to help you during your expansion.

Georgia offers business incentives such as Job Tax Credits, Investment Tax Credits, and a Port Tax Credit Bonus.

Quick Start, a program offered by the state of Georgia, is an internationally known provider of workforce training for businesses that are expanding, and/or creating or saving jobs. This training is available free of charge.

Map of Available Workforce

If you are ready to expand your business contact the Mitchell County Development Authority.

Mitchell County Development Authority
186 East Broad Street
Camilla, Ga 31730


We love to see businesses grow and

expand in our community.